Alive and Free

The stars fell and time stopped
In awe of the woman as she danced
Twirling and swaying, skipping and waving
Bowing and rising, ebbing and flowing
Falling elegantly and soulfully under the weight of the moon
and the smooth caress of the wind

In the darkness the woman found her partner
Composed of all the darkness of the sky and all the light of the stars that fell to meet her
They spun in infinite circles while the world faded around them
Never tiring, never dizzying

The grass beneath her feet was a river of silk and a mountain of velvet
The air was clean and fresh, cool and alive as she breathed it in,
and she, herself, became more alive as she swayed with the night and the dome of stars then she had ever been before

Her body bent without limits and stretched with glorious abandon, molding to the will of the wind and the feel of the darkness that held her
And she was free

--Hope P., 9th-12th Grade.