A Graduation Without You

You were the fresh breeze every spring brought me 
You were the sun that warmed my skin through the grief 
You were the strength that guided me to my finish line
Oh, how I miss you 

How my heart aches with every glance I make to the audience 
To see the seat
I saved you
Filled by a stranger 

The heavens called you back, but I dared denied them 
I dared to raise the voice of hells anger at them 
For whom were they to stop you from being here
From filling my view with the many years of your smile 
Oh, how I miss you

How I have grown up without you here has suffocated me 
My lungs were filled with needles 
As I am haunted by the ghost of your laughter,
I am stabbed as the voice missing from the echo of congratulations
Is yours 
I am lost as the arms that I want to embrace me 
Do not belong to you 
Oh, how I miss you 

You were the flowers that brought color to my garden 
You were the rhythm to my favorite song 
You were the memory that stained me 

I am graduating 
I am moving on
But not how I promised 
For your cheers and your love will be felt from heaven 
And not through the embrace of your precious touch
Oh, how I horribly miss you 
- Your granddaughter 

--Mariah M., 9th-12th Grade