Why is there so much pressure
To be popular
And pretty

Why do so many people
Develop eating disorders
Trying to fit the look

Why are we measured
By our grades
And not by our accomplishments
And efforts

Why are we thought of
As lazy
Self absorbed
And reckless

Why are we pushed to the side

Why do so many people
Stay silent
And embarrassed
Talking about periods
Which are normal
Why do we never say it
In front of a boy

Why are boys and girls
Expected to fit inside
The gender box

Why do they have to be
Treated differently
Why do girls have to be pretty
And guys have to be strong

Why do there have to be
Stupid steryotypes

Why does no one seem to see
Our Earth is dying

Why are people discriminated
Because of their skin color
And judged unfairly

Why can’t you like
Who you like and not
Be ashamed

Why do so many people
Feel alone
When they have so many friends

Why do so many people
Stay silent
When they’re hurting
And hurting themselves

Why do so many people
Think no one understands

Why are so many people lonely

Why does there have to be so much
For meeting others expectations

Why do some have to struggle alone


Why can't there be space
To be yourself
And be heard
Without the world stabbing your back

Why can't you just be you
Why cant you be brave
And talk to someone people never talk to
Everyone thinks they’re alone
But they’re not


Why are we silent

-- Evie G., 6th-8th Grade