Unroll the World

I want to gather up the world
and unfurl it at your feet
like a quean's carpet. Lawns unrolling,
mountains spilling snow on your toes,
forests popping up, deer and does
bounding free, caves caked with gems,
light and shadow playing on your skin,
unfolding sky making us squint,
cities crowding the room,
everyone squeezed and scorched
by sun and moon,
clouds racing across the ceiling,
crescendo of building,
silence of midnight or mosque,
a million children hopping on the sofa -
laughter, weeping, cries of birth,
reunion, ecstatic faith,
strum of guitar and sax,
thrum of passion and climax,
all spilling out before you,
yours for the taking
for you are sovereign,
playing the role you cast yourself in,
your body electric with power,
for this is the day and the hour,
the minute, the deeply observed
and always remembered instant
-heard from below and seen from above-
of sweet, brilliant, uncorrupted love.

--Wael A., Adult