The Quiet Room

Tick tock goes the clock
The quiet room is where I sit.
And I try not to have a fit. 

Tick tock goes the clock. 
I wait for time to go by I suppose. 
When it's too quiet that's when I hum. 
I try not to be 
A distraction to those who come. 

Tick tock the clock goes 
In the corner is where I am. 
Doing my work 
Or simply reading. 

Tick tock the clock goes 
Making such little noise, it can hardly 
Be heard 
I hide away from those who come in. 
Still I say, “Hi”, and hide back in. 
It may be lonely, for I have only the clock. 

Tick tock the clock goes 
Lo, a visitor on the other side! 
We laugh until I'm told “ Time to work!” 
We go separate ways but that is okay. 
The quiet room is like my home 
That is until it's time to go.

--Isabella G., 6th-8th Grade