Summer Vacation For Allie

Summer vacation is quite a sight, 
Or, more rather, an excite, 
For young Allie Lushwan, 
It’s summer vacation all over again! 
The to-do list she has, 
Is quite long, 
For there is a lot to do on summer vacation! 
She helps her brother Ben, 
With his chores, 
Mom burnt the cupcakes, 
So she helped her mother make more, 
Her dad’s car needs fixing, so she helps with that, 
Eve, her cat, it hungry, 
So she helps it find a rat, 
And for herself, she goes to the park, 
Where she sits on a bench with bark. 
What’s that sound? 
The ice-cream truck is around! 
She gets a chocolate cone,
That was $2.51. 
Wow, summer vacation, 
Is surely quite a sight, 
But Allie’s summer vacation, 
Was the best show of the night!

--Scarlett H., 3rd-5th Grade