This morning another attack
Black on black in our State Cap . . .
Downtown Sac!
Cowards might've been on crack,
the whole pack--looking for innocent victims to jack!
Senseless and whack!
These are the facts: Six precious souls, their body bags now stacked.
A sedan drives by;
all occupants snapped!
Shot caller absent;
every patrons' cell phone probably hacked.
The gangs slowest got away,
even though he was fat.
Leaving behind identifiable clue
--red Chicago Bulls cap.
All caught on video shortly after
--at a fast food joint,
chowing down on a late snack.
Wounded victims rushed to nearby hospitals
--given X-rays, splints, pain-killers and ice packs.
Mayor holds a next days press conference,
flanked by city leaders,
a.k.a. a day "fire-side" chat.
[His speech drawing wrath]
More questions than answers
--a sermon, if you will, avoiding an all out spat.
To the Chief of Police I tip my hat.
She rose to the tragedy
-- and stepped up to the plate 'to bat'.
Media often acting in these situations like incessant gnats.
Survivors banned together, an impenetrable frat.
Prepare for, even prevent the next shooting.
Keep, if possible, the city's name clear of all negative stats.

--Alex F, Adult