On Broadway

The first time was when I was nine,
Leggings and a purple leotard-mine. 
Dancing and singing in the living room, 
Every word and step known. 

Thinking I’m on Broadway 

Then began the dream, 
to move to New York City, 
And begin my Broadway regime. 

I danced and sang 
Dressed up in my “costumes” 
Listened to track after track, 
Belting at full volume. 

Dreaming to be on Broadway 

Year after year, show after show, 
Until I began to know, 
Just how hard the achievement would be, 
Trying to live that daydream. 

Moving cross country, 
And being told bluntly, 
“No,” time and time again. 

Trying to be on Broadway 

Living alone, going to auditions, 
Trying to retain my ambition. 

But then I’ll see the glittering scene, 
When I do achieve my lifelong dream. 

Being on Broadway 

Calling my family, calling my friends, 
Hoping this feeling never ends. 
Practicing dance steps after work ends at eight, 
Because the coach said I was just a little late. 

Singing in the shower, 
Smiling everywhere I go, 
At rehearsal everyday, 
Preparing for the show. 

Then comes the night, 
When my dreams take flight, 
And I step up to begin, 
Hair, costume, and wig. 

I’ll think back to that fateful day, 
Many years ago, 
When I stepped “onstage” 
And began the path to a professional show, 

On Broadway.

--Grace H., 6th-8th Grade