My mother lifts her trembling hands to pray
The demons away. If only she knew where they liked to stay.
I open my eyes and watch her say
Please God, don’t ever take my babies away.
Her lips quiver, my knees shiver
I wish I’d promise you that—to live forever, without having to deceive

But you too, gotta live
Forever. Don’t give
Me a kiss goodbye, Momma. Stop sleeping four hours a day Momma
Stop getting sick Momma!
But don’t stop believing
Because, Momma, the only process that is irreversible it to believe.

Fight the good
fight and the bad one too—father and brother will be back soon. Momma,
you are the light
in the black hole
of our family. If any of us have a soul,
Momma, it belongs to you. I believe
in you, Momma
Because you make me irreversible.

--Erika T.A, Adult