A masquerade 
I go to one everyday 
Somewhere where everyone wears pretty masks 
And hides their identity 
Some look better with their mask 
Some don't 
Once you really get to know them their mask falls off 
And you get to see them 
Actually them, not the mask 

I don't think my mask would come off 
No matter how hard someone tries to rip it off my face 
I will always have another one. 
I've tried taking my mask off too, 
Just to find I can't. 
When you stay at this masquerade too long, 
You lose yourself 
You go to this masquerade everyday too 
Maybe you don't realize it, 
But you do 

Maybe one day this masquerade will end 
I highly doubt it though 
Its rare when someones mask falls off 
I congratulate them when it does 
Because they are finally free 
From this never-ending masquerade.

--Angeles R., 6th-8th Grade