Into Being

Into being,
 most lovingness  greetings
I've been given a heart sacred from the start
Oh such misgivings,.      forever receiving
 of love,      of pain,       subtract this self,
Desire brings these things,.        fallin  dreams
                   makes my life so  obscene
Humility remains,      striving to truly be alive
                        Forgive me
I recalled,    that time is tall      not just another spin
around,.            still seeing the same face
So much strife,.   in the palace of life,   loneliness with its
empty halls,.  that echoes my future,.   always to the past
but that's not where I want to grow from,
Looking for gardens that smile and say,
Go now and be free,
Be free from your twisted fate
In this place there are no masks,
No more tests to take,
            I AM the horizon I've been striving for
Living not for conversation    
or the tire around my neck
but beyond conventions,.   
                  this world is choking me
I      reach.  stretching,    breaking,  beaming  for
 Another day, 
Another chance
To          just.        breathe

--Donald F., Adult