The weeping willow recollects lovely memories of her past
It never seemed lonely under sunbeams where she’d bask 
Remembering the rippling summer stream where she’d flow 
Near where the savory-sweet red mulberry would grow 
She melted with the soft sounds of birds chirping 
Every creature was content, the fox never went lurking 
Perhaps it was the soils that kept all inhabitants serene 
Or the light touch of the water’s shimmering gleam 
Finding this place to enthrall her inquisitive young imagination 
Wandering thoughts of becoming a flower built her fascination 
So many exquisite beauties to choose from, and so little time 
Would she become a charming carnation, or be stuck as a pine 
A hanging wisteria over a misty garden wall she longed 
O, but to be a water lily floating on a hidden forest pond 
Pondering seemed to be all she would do during her summers. 
Obsession would fill her mind, it would soon overcome her. 
Each passing day she’d worry about whether she’d bloom. 
Never enjoying the day drifting each passing moon 
Blocking out the chirping birds and rippling of the stream 
Nothing excited her, not even red mulberry or soft light gleam 
Everything seemed so right when she’d get lost in her work 
Too late to realize she’d worn out like her grass-stained skirt 
Every summer she’d ponder, and each summer she’d miss 
All those summers pondering, she would have one more to wish. 
Regretting losing touch with the present, and letting life slip on 
Promising never to be complainant, wanting no longer to dwell beyond 
She listened to the bird’s lullaby and reposed in tranquil soil 
Accompanied by the olden fox, red and loyal 
The wind’s euphonious melody put her heart at ease 
Laying her head on pillows of grass under the weeping tree 
Her final breath as this form and exhaling to quite a wonder 
Her soul inhabits the willow dwelling in the spot of her summers 
No more is she dissatisfied with any time well spent 
She wishes for nothing more, she is finally content

-- Yzabella M., 9th-12th Grade