Family, Friends, and Me Tree

Me and my family, of 100 it feels like, and my friends of 50 are always with me. 

When my friends and family are with me, like the airport or space we are with each other no matter what. Family and friends are like stars you don't always see them, but you know where they are. When I am at the beach, or maybe in the woods, they will always be with me or right by my side. 

I feel like we are big trees, and the leaves are the memories we have had all together. Every leaf is a wonderful memories with each other.

We are the herd of the sheep together, we are the crevices of the Grand Canyon, we are the millions seeds of a tomato, we are the stars of the sky. No matter what I face we are with each other and we are there for each other.

My family, friends and I stick together like perpendicular lines, we are not parallel angles. We stick together and harsh times and in good times, we are there when times are straight up like fruit punch. 

Me family and friends stick together like the solar system we are inseparable, especially me and my cousin my BFF in the world.

--Abi-Gail F., 3rd-5th Grade