A Baseballdarian

All American Athletes
Bitter baseball bunters
Causing crippling crashes
Dribblers down in the dirt
Earning every error
Fenway field funhouse
Gameday giveaway
Home team hoedown holiday
Inter-inning instigations
Jolting, jammed up at the knees
Knocked out catcher, blocking the plate
Line drive homerun
Mustard munchies are a must
No one cheers for cheaters
Out at third, innings over
Pitcher has a weenie arm
Quick feet steal second
Reporters in the winner’s faces
Showers in champagne, you’re the champs
Teammate triumph
Umpire empire
Vin Scully lives forever
Wins and losses make a career
Xtra innings are the best
You have to eat a hot dog
Zip Zabel played for the Cubs.

--Michael C.,Adult