23rd Annual Poetry Contest: Finalists

We are happy to announce the finalists in our 23rd Annual Poetry Contest. Which poems do you think should win first place? (Click on the name of each poem to read it.)

Please join us in the Saroyan Gallery at our Central Library on June 4th at 2pm, or live-streamed on our Facebook page where we will announce the placement. 

3rd – 6th Grade Finalists
Stop by Brielle L.
Family, Friends, and Me Tree by Abi-Gail F.
Pitty the Peach by Quave W.

7th – 8th Grade Finalists
Tween by Savannah A.
The Wild Call by Alexis B.
Best Friend for Life by Nikhil B.

9th-12th Grade Finalists
My Mother, My Venus by Emily V.
Stories in the Sand by Ananya V.
Transmission Tunnel by Charlotte B.

Adult Finalists
Chata by Henry G.
The Ordinary Sacred by Ashley H.
My Language is Not My Own by Emily S.

Thank you to everyone who participated this year and to our judges, for lending us their expertise and helping us choose our finalists!