Your Love Lives On

You remembered my name, 
And my heart took flight. 
But as I looked into your eyes, 
Blank and hollow, 
My heart began to crumble. 

I thought of the days you were strong, 
Of the days when your laughter rung through the room, 
When nothing could stop you 
and weakness was never in your vocabulary. 
I thought of the times when I was young, 
When you’d take me in 
And the two of us would have the time of our lives. 

Now you sit across from me, 
Smiling in a way that makes me mourn, 
And telling me thank you, 
When I should be the one thanking you. 
You didn’t have to love me, 
You didn’t have to spoil me, 
You did for me what I could never do for you. 
What you say makes no sense to someone different, 
But to me, it’s not the words that matter, 
It’s the thank you, the love you, the simple task of speech. 
I hope you know I could never forget you, 
And your stories will live on. 

This world will be different, 
But I’ll trudge on, 
Through storm after storm, 
Knowing you’re cheering me on. 
One day, we’ll meet again, 
And together we will be. 
Till then, 
I’ll live to make you proud, 
And I’ll live so one day, 
I may see your beautiful face again. 

Thank you for laughs, 
For smiles, 
And congrats, 
For hugs and for kisses, 
And for having my back. 
Thank you. 
Your love lives on.

--Kate G., 6th-8th Grade