What Ever Happened to The Aborted Soul

Sometimes my heart and soul cries out to see you 
They lied and told me you were not a real baby yet to get the money 
But you had a heart beat too 
I was only a child myself 
Friends warned me not to ever get an abortion, but I did not listen or even realize the severity of this situation 
The Bible even warned me, but I did not know until later 
I see other women with all their beautiful children even from different daddies and admire their bravery 
Sometimes I even wonder, maybe he could have been my child when I look at LeBron James 
I can still remember so vividly how you were ripped from my insides like a child being pulled from his mother the first day of preschool 
I heard one preacher say all the children are in Heaven with Jesus 
I hope and pray I make it there to see you and have a second chance to hold you in my arms

--Latanya B., Adult