Transmission Tunnel

The past and the future are separated 
By nothing but the transmission tunnel 
Which sits between the car's front seats 

One worriedly looks at the other 
And tells them to take a break, to relax╴ 
That they've worked so hard, 
Done so much╴ 
That they should enjoy 
what they can 
before their time 
runs out. 

The Future on the left (from the backseat) 
Hands tightly gripping the wheel 
On the verge of falling asleep if no one is there 
to keep him up. 
The black in his hair slowly fading to gray, 
The boldness in his laugh slowly fading 

The past on the right (from the backseat) 
Fingers drumming semi-frantically 
On the verge of falling asleep if no anxious voices are there 
to keep her up. 
The brightness in her eyes slowly growing tired, 
The brashness in her speech slowly growing 

And as the Future tosses the Past the keys 
across the hood of the car, he turns to 
discover that what he dreaded most has 
come to pass, 
and that the only thing that had 
separated Past and Future 
was the transmission tunnel 
which sits between the car's front seats 

and time

--Charlotte B., 9th-12th Grade