To the Child of Immigrant Parents

Our parents did not flee their homeland, country, and loved ones
For you to live on American soil and not make something of yourself
They made sacrifices. They farmed on American soil
They harvested crops and even lived in the projects
They worked at fast food restaurants and even in the factories
Trying to make a living by these fixated wages
Refugees trying to get by and live the American dream
Fleeing from a rich war that eventually kills the poor

So, to the child of immigrant parents,
To the child of refugees.
Remember, your parents are doing their best.
To adapt, to learn and to love.
They are here to make a better life for you.

So be the translator, for they did not learn how to read or write.
Be the helper, for they did not have the opportunity to get an education.
Be the compassionate teacher for they did not know how to love.
Be the lover, for that is what they need the most.

Remember, our parents are the smartest people we know.
They bought their first cars and even became homeowners.
Breaking their backs and pouring their hearts for us
For their children,
in a homeland that is so foreign.
In a land that is unknown.
In a land of democracy.

So, remember to be kind to your parents and make something of yourself.

--Maichit Y., Adult