The Stars' at Night or We've Had Plenty of Twenty - Twenty

Celestial Bodies 
Became Aligned 
To get us through 
The Arduous, 
Ridiculous and Sublime. 

March 2020 
The Comet NEOWISE 
Was discovered. 
In the North Western Sky 
Through August it Hovered. 
It was 
Silvery White and a 
Soothing Blue, 
A Majestic Hue. 

04 July 2020 
The Southern Sky 
Venus, Mars, Jupiter 
and Saturn, 
All in Tow. 
Mercury, Uranus, Neptune 
and dwarf Pluto - 
They are too far 
For me to Know. 

21 December 2020 
The South Western Sky 
The "Great Conjunction" 
Jupiter and Saturn, 
Our Christmas Star. 
San Joaquin Valley Fog 
Made it Invisible - 
Which is Par.

28 December 2020 
The Eastern Sky 
The Pleiades Cluster, 
Rigel and 
As they Encircled 
The Moon. 
Added to the Brilliance. 
Is it December or June? 

31 December 2020 
In the East 
The Bright Star 
Will be Sirius. 
Are these the 
Dog Days 
Of Winter? 
It makes one Curious. 

Thank You 
Heavenly Bodies. 
You kept our 
Heads Up High. 
When in Doubt, 
Look at 
The Sky.

--Rachel C., Adult