The Space Between

It’s about the holding. 
Taking in the pain with the left 
and acknowledging His goodness with the right. 

It’s about the “But God” moments. 
The times where you exhale and He is present, where you inhale and hold on a bit tighter. 

It’s about lament. 
The crying out in the middle of the night 
“God where are you?”, when you know He is right there, but you are just checking to see if His promise is true. 

It’s about the never leaving. 
Darkness can fill the room, but it’s not strong enough to extinguish the flame He is and always will be.
It’s about courage. 
To be vulnerable and real and sit in that pit, silent and afraid, until you realize you are not alone. 

It’s about the moments 
when you declare His goodness on the mountain tops even though your heart and head are in a valley. 

It’s about the song 
you sing in a cry-sing voice, but maybe it’s more whimpers and sobs than actual words. 

It’s about acceptance 
without letting go of who He truly is and what He can do. 

It’s about remembering. 
Take heart, He has overcome this world. 

It’s about process. 
The moments you are up and all is well with your soul, and like a fleeting thought you find yourself tumbling down. 

It’s about being alive. 
Embracing the humanity of human existence. Remembering the breaths breathed are access to more. 

It’s about releasing. 
Saying ‘I surrender’ to the deep and dark places. Giving access like a house key. 

It’s about grief. 
Not shooing it away like a bug in your house, but responding and allowing space between.

--Mekayla M., Adult