The Narrow Path

As I was pondering a narrow path
A young lad came walking by
“Where is your dad,” he asked.
Not knowing how to answer
I simply said, “My dad has passed.”

I wandered down that path
Small birds hopping down it
Seeming to show the way
Until they’d done their duty
Flew off, as if to say good day

Sights, smells, sounds were many
Flowers pink, yellow, and blue
Abundantly abounding

Butterflies flitting from petal to petal
Dragonflies over blue waters chasing
From blossom to blossom, bees a-buzzing
As I walked along to test my mettle

While gentle breezes
Tumbled through the mighty trees
The air, so divine
The heady scent of pine

At evening time, now quite weary
Still basking from God’s glorious Sun
Returning on the narrow path
All the while
Reflecting on the young boy’s query

The answer to the young boy’s question,
now certain
I simply said
My father, my Father is in heaven

--Janet M., Adult