The Lonely Soul Stuck in a Social Body

Being alone 
make me focus on myself 
it forces me to 
acknowledge the things 
that I would forever avoid 
only if I could 
“I am mentally exhausted” 
“I feel defeated” 
“I need a break” 

There’s no time for that 
I think 
But every time I zoom out, 
look back at the bigger picture 
“I feel weak” 
“My legs give out, 
along with my heart” 

So I continue 
to bury myself with work. 
Continue to dive 
into crowds of people. 
Yet I always find myself 
hoping that in that crowd, 
I don’t become the focus. 
Hoping that the spotlight 
misses my turn, 
skips over me. 

I understand the fact 
that someday 
I need to confront 
this other being living inside me, 
the one that gets jitters 
as soon as it finds itself 
alone with me 
“But I don’t think it’s the right time yet” 
it says 
as always.

--Kiranpreet K., 9th-12th Grade