The Earth Has Feelings

The wind can sometimes speak. 
I heard the wind talking not knowing what it said. 
It rushed around me. 
My reply was it made me catch my breath. 
I see birds riding the wind. 

The rivers have rushing water. 
Trying to travel as far as they can or to go slower to enjoy the sights and sounds. 
The color of the water can tell you how fast they travel. 
Melted snow, the water is clear as it tumbles down the mountain. 
Lake waters, the water is darker as collects the silt of the ground. 
Animals come to drink. 

The stars in the sky at night are blinking as if to give you a wink when looking up. 
You don't know if they are still there to get a reply. 
Their lights shine for millions of miles to say Hello. 
They star may be gone but their message was sent. 
If you see them that is all the reply they need. 
Stars has many colors. 

The trees sometimes catches the wind to speak. 
Their branches and leaves sometimes shiver with the wind. 
They are tall like the Redwoods growing the forests. 
They are prickly like the Pine and the Fir. 
You can smell the Pines that are around you. 
Animals will visit or live in the tree. 
Their thickness will tell you their age. 

See the Earth. 
Feel the Earth. 
Taste the Earth. 
Hear the Earth. 
Smell the Earth. 
Protect the Earth!

--Deborah P., Adult