The Broken

From light to darkness 
From joy to sorrow 
From peace to anger 
From fix to broken 
The things I see 
The things I hear 
The pain and agony 
Of things I bear 

From enemies to friends 
From friends to lovers 
From lovers to memories 
From memories to strangers 
The things they said 
The things they did 
They left a mark 
I was their broken legacy 

They came from the dark and brought love 
Showed me possibilities and then 
Went back without as much as a goodbye 
The dark consumed them 
The dark became them 

Death is dark and yet it's light 
HE walked this earth without fright 
He loved, he cried, he laughed, he lied. 
He brought such joy, such sorrow, such anger, such peace 

He was broken 
I was fixed 
And when he left 
He left behind a scar 
He took something fixed and pure 
And turn it into something broken 
I was light 
He was dark 
I was joy 
He was sorrow 
I was peace 
He was anger 
I WAS fixed 
He WAS broken 
In the end 
The roles became the same 
The fixed became broken 
I became broken

--Mariah S., Adult