St. Patrick’s Day

Some people say if you don’t wear green 
You might get pinched, 
On this very day of luck and trick 
We wake up to a mess around the house 
When green colored food is in your mouth 

You spot a leprechaun jumping around 
Leaping for joy for knowing what you have found 
You give him a squeeze and let him go 
Running away with a pot of gold 

I follow him to a river I find 
Where there at the river the rainbow shines 
It might be cold and chilly outside 
But what I’ve found was a bigger surprise 
We gather around at the river line 
Singing a song with lots of rhyme 

I head back to my house 
Wishing this day wasn’t out 
But before I went to sleep 
I got a little note 
Wishing me good luck with a four leaf clover

--Kylie H., 3rd-5th Grade