I’ve felt so much happier lately 
Yet, it’s the blues I listen to 
I guess I have a newfound appreciation for life’s meaning 
What it has been 
All it could be 
Lovers like Etta James and Chet Baker are what I aspire to be 
Perhaps they became overly consumed 
Turning blind and not thinking clearly 
But no matter what 
It’s that affection they held dearly 
Never afraid to show the world 
How they felt severely 
What a time, 

I allow myself to think about it sometimes 
Hope becomes the song I sing to 
Its potential, always so sweet 
Its reality, often quite bitter 
But what do I know? 
I’m just a girl who’s never been in love 
Who only needs to be given the chance 
Who am I kidding anyway? 
Life is no game of poker 
And luck is not quite that easy

--Summer T., Adult