Dad, I wish you would see the rain and clouds inside of me 
And also, the sun that comes now and then 
Even the hidden flower gardens that have begun to grow 

If only you could hear the cries from my heart pleading that you come back 
Pleading that you return, here by my side always 
If only these thoughts I have, you could read behind my smile 

I sometimes close my eyes and with fondness recall my memories as a child with you 
Remember when we played at the parks sometimes? 
Remember when we sat and watched movies together? 
Remember when I had to go to the hospital and you held my hand? 

Although you will never fully understand what is here in my heart 
I keep holding onto hope that one day you will return 
Hope that one day you will be standing next to my bedroom door 
Hope that one day my thoughts will reach you 

In my heart has bloomed a pansy 
She has given me the strength to keep going 
When the day comes, I’ll give it to you 
My beautiful pansy that is waiting for you

--Valentina M., Adult