Our Lovers Night

It started on a starry night, 
Where nothing about us was calm. 
Wrestling each other and time to keep the night ours. 
Talking as if we created the world and we were ready to take it back. 
Kissing and stopping and kissing again as if we discovered a new reason for lips.
Running as fast as shooting stars, burning through the night for a moment’s wish. 
A moment to be friends, to be lovers and to get home before our parents caught us.
Driving home we are like wild animals being ushered back into our cages. 
Weighing the dangers and our own fears of retaliation if we just continued driving. 
And yet we find ourselves in my bed, quiet, in wonder at what we discovered by accident. 
You staring into my eyes and me, into yours, slumber clawing at our consciousness, 
We manage to say the word we’ve been holding on to until the very last second: Goodnight.

--Temperance T., Adult