Ode to You Little Baby

Ode to you little baby 
kick, kicking me 
in my belly. 
Made with love; 
the everlasting kind. 
You are the steady beat 
of a drum. 
You are the velocity 
of the shooting star that I 
wished for you on. 
You are the tug of a kite’s string; 
strong and random. 

Your sweet but sharp jabs 
on my growing belly never 
ceases to amaze me. 

The anticipation of smelling your 
little baby head that might be covered 
with hair, is like an overflowing cup of 
creamy brown sweetness. 
The waiting to hear 
the shriek of your first cry 
clenches my heart. 
The yearning of feeling the warmth of 
your delicate, almost translucent fingers 
wrapped around my thumb 
waters my eyes. 

I’ll forever be humbled, 
that at one time, 
our heartbeats rested 
side by side.

--Alexis R., Adult