My Key

I’m a liar. 
I lie to myself, 
I lie to everybody else. 
They tell me to open my heart 
And I say “ I can’t open it” 
But that's a lie. I can open it 
In fact, I opened it once 
But I guess It wasn’t good enough. 
So I closed it again. 

I don’t show my feelings 
I learned to lock them away 
and feel on the inside. 
But It’s been so long 
That I can't even feel anymore. 

I wish I could open it again, 
But I forgot how to. 
It’s like my heart is scared 
that the same thing might happen. 
But then again, 
It was scared back then too. 

Maybe something is missing 
The thing that could open the lock 
And let me feel again 
Whatever that thing is 
I will wait for it. Because 
It will be the key

--Angel A., 9th-12th Grade