Moving Memories

Cardboard folding under packing tape 
Boxes supplied with futile entities, gadgets, 
Time in our home left under a drape, 
Covering our previous lifetime, to forsake 

Missing neighbors, friends, and a home 
Sheet music sprawled across a bookcase 
Across from my piano, left alone: 
Memories not forgetting, but closed 

Radiant smiles, complimenting bright eyes 
Following the ball piercing the gentle air. 
Tapping of controller buttons, a player dies 
Fast footsteps without coordination, my demise 

Traveling down concrete, peering and I find 
Cows, horses grazing on lime grass-
Collected together. Herds of my kin left behind 
Mountains peaking up, also caught in line, 
Chasing down the road towards my hometown sign 
School children dart to parents, comfort found at last; 
Togetherness apart from me, but know I’ll be fine 
Forward looking down the road, for some place will be mine. 

Accepting: approaching a paved driveway; 
Anxious but content- the past staying with me 
Ready for new experiences that await, 
Moving locations, old memories stay

--Krish B., 9th-12th Grade