As I fly high, feeling free, a little island is below me.

I look to the side and down below, I see that it’s connected to a cove.

The more I look, the more I see as I fly high, with an island below me.

The island is small and dotted.

Looks like townspeople, unknown they were spotted.

Ah! I see the roofs of the houses, the tops of trees and the greenhouses.

And now everything is so much closer. I wondered, “Am I actually going lower?”

Still I fly, feeling intrigued.

The dots start moving without fatigue. The hustle and bustle in their own free state.

Like ants working together, the townspeople imitate.

But look, now they are screaming, while others stare as if in a daydream.

I notice that I am not flying, but now I fall.

I see the dirt and look! The trees are tall.

Lower and Lower until BAM! And then a crack.

The earth gave way, in a crooked track.

No more am I flying high feeling free,

I just crash landed on the island that was once below me.

--Isabella G., 9th-12th Grade