Looking Back

Looking back as I am now 29
I picture myself looking out my window out of a two story house, out in the middle of the countryside of the valley.
I remember looking out the window.. looking up at the night skies with tears falling down my eyes.. stars twinkling more then usual.
Wondering if I was ever going to be good enough, wondering if I was even going to make it down the street if I ran away from my pain .
I remember looking out my window singing.. "thinking of you" wondering if you would ever come back see me or hold me.
I felt alone but I knew I wasn't, I wasn't I was just too young to pin point the movement.
9 years old encountering narcissistic behaviors the only person I could talk to was The Divine,
Spirit has always been close to me I was broken and ripped into the black sheep of the family for being different but at the same time being molded into a creative master piece.
Shutdown and let go I started following the unknown
I knew my love was too much but I also know...
I had a mission to complete Divinely Guided since 92
I was raised in the streets I grew up to see the rich be rich and the poor be poor being rich means nothing if you don't help those around you.
Being poor in spirit and rich in material should show you what to work on next.
They say let by gones be by gones but the past is here to say hello.

--Silvia V., Adult