Is This Our Society?

Where when passing we greet a stranger with a, “Hi, how are you?” And the response seldom addresses the question. 

Are these our facilities? Where our daycare employees gossip with one another in the play yard, instead of intently observing and interacting with our children. 

Where instead of a burger we’ll have a salad, but only if it’s engulfed in ranch dressing.

Are these our communities? Where we’re dependent on caffeine? Where we’ll say, “I don’t do anything until I’ve had my morning cup of coffee,” but then belittle the alcoholic. 

Where on the final day of our 6 month DUI program we say, “I don’t have a drinking problem, I don’t even like the feeling of being drunk. I just drink because I like how it tastes.” 

Where we love our California stops. Where our drivers enter the road without first looking in both directions, to the demise of the pedestrian approaching from the right. 

Is this our society? Where the plasma donation center tells us, “When donating, make sure you bring your cell phone!” Instead of, “Be sure to bring your favorite book.” 

Where, we’d rather lie to someone instead of setting them free with truth, in order to keep ourselves and our intentions in good light. 

Where we label ourselves open minded, but instinctively take offense to and reject views different than our own, rather than contemplate and reflect upon the ideas in depth.

Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people. Is this our America? Where we pride ourselves in who knows what about which celebrity or professional athlete.

This is our America. Where we tell someone “bless you” after they sneeze, where we text “OMG,” where we spend money which reads in capital letters, “IN GOD WE TRUST.” Yet the only time we step foot in a church is for a funeral service.

--Abner Z., Adult