In My Eyes

Your eyes are brown 
While her eyes are blue 
You feel insecure but 
That's what society 
Taught us to do 
Your eyes represent the ground and mud 
While her eyes represent the ocean and sky blue 
You’ve always hated your eyes 
Wishing they would change 
But your brown eyes 
Have a tint of gold sinking you like honey 
So rare and sweet 
So yes her eyes are blue 
And yes your eyes are brown 
Your eyes hold the riches 
Buried in the ground 
While her eyes carry storms 
Rage like the sea 
Your eyes 
Carry earthquakes 
That bring mountains to their knees 
Maybe her eyes are blue 
But yours hold the purest riches 
The world has ever seen

--Hanna O., 9th-12th Grade