Grocery List

AA grade eggs 12 count/4 pack of tortillas from tortilla land/Green bell peppers/the orange and red ones too/AA grade eggs 12 count/Artisano bread white/not the wheat/we ran out of eggs/ grass-fed whole milk/tri-tip for Tuesday/ mac and cheese/ AA grade eggs 12 count/ red onions/ chives and goldfish/English muffin/ Cottage cheese for my morning eggs/ pizza for dinner/ Remember my afternoon eggs/ seedless watermelon/ jalapenos/3 pounds of pork’s feet/yellow onions/ AA grade eggs 12 count/Roma tomatoes/tomatoes on the vine/steak tomatoes/ grape tomatoes/ canned with chiles/Tomatillos/the green tomatoes/the eggs are on sale/two cabbages/Purple and green/I love the mini cucumbers/celery and peanut butter/2 packs of eggs/asparagus/butternut squash/organic broccoli/organic bananas/American cheese/and provolone/saltine crackers/and the ritz too/AA grade eggs 12 count/ the 10-pound bag of carrots/ russet potatoes/ Golden are the best for mashed potatoes/ eggs for the egg salad/brussels sprouts/radishes/ginger root/ green tea/the beets no one eats/spinach for smoothies/AA grade eggs/fresh long stem strawberries/blackberries/blueberries/raspberries/all good for the diabetics/lemon and limes/All the navel oranges/cantaloupe/honeydew/AA grade eggs 12 count/apples for every season/avocadoes/cauliflower steak/canned peaches and pears/apple sauce/fruit cocktail/pineapple for the pizza/AA grade eggs 12 count/my med are ready at the pharmacy/starkist tuna 4 pack/minced clams/bag of beans and chickpeas/bean sprouts/Vienna sausages/maple syrup/hidden valley ranch/marmalade and jam/AA grade eggs 12 count/black olives/mayonnaise/soy sauce/A.1. sauce/queso fresco/chicken broth/beef broth/vegetable brother/the green giant/the vegan one too/ramen noodle/only Maruchan/olive oil/coconut oil/ Ghee/canola oil/AA grade eggs 12 count

Did I forget anything?

--Uvllia I., Adult