God Complex

I drank all the water but I still want the wine, 
Miracles performed before the gaze of a blind man. 
Help your friends rise from the dead, 
And save women of shame from the angry mob 
What do you think I wrote in the dirt? 

Ponder the exquisite seconds between the question and the answer, 
"Mother, who is my real father?" 

The desert is a fine place to lose oneself, 
And forget the thoughts other people put into your head. 

The mortal toil makes my body ache 
The wood splinters chaff my hands raw. 
If only I could walk on water. 

They didn't like what I had to say, 
Your own will always be the first to call for your demise. 

Death is lonelier than I thought, 
Maybe I'll come back and fool them all, 
Perhaps then they will write songs about me.

--Corinna G., Adult