It is a slow and painful death. 
No Romeo and Juliet. 
No cries or outward expressions of love. 
There is no more fight within. 
We are ghosts of the lovers we used to be 
Our bodies and minds, empty vessels of a soul lost. 
There are no more “what ifs”, “maybes”, or “could’ves” 
All that is left is the coldness of reality. 
Stale. Mundane. Lifeless. 
That is what we’ve become. 
Cordial enough to leave the room clean for ‘nother. 
Strangers. To ourselves and each other. 
“Don’t give up, don’t give in”. 
Our new self mantra. 
But what do we win? 
Another barrier for our hearts 
to hide the love within.

--Adrianna M., Adult