Daily Routine

Waking up to my alarm 
And finally getting up to the sixth 
Is just the start of my day 
I make my way to the bathroom 
Just to find it occupied 
It shouldn’t leave me speechless 
Because if I had gotten up on time 
It wouldn’t have been a problem 
I get out of my night wear 
Do my hair 
Think about how it isn’t fair 
That some people don’t have to worry about it 
Walking to school now 
I don’t remember most of yesterday’s lessons 
Should have studied more, I guess 
Someone asked me for help 
Do I even know how to do the work 
My handwriting is a mess 
The words are blending together 
What did I just write 
I’m talking to my friends 
I wonder if they know the real me 
Even though I ask myself that question 
Every once in a while 
Home in my room 
I should do my homework 
Do I even know how to do it 
Or am I just hoping at this point 
Leads me to questions of the future 
I’m not use to not having someone to tell me exactly what to do 
Who I want to be 
Do I want to continue learning 
Do I like learning 
I don’t know 
Tomorrow will be a new day

--Angela, 9th-12th Grade