Come With Me

The Lord has given me hope. 
No, not hope, belief! 
He had healed the sick, 
And cared for the poor. 
So I will sing to the highest mountains, 
And the lowest valleys! 
I will sing to the deepest oceans, 
And the most shallow rivers! 
My heart belongs to the Lord! 
He has renewed my strength, 
Healed my broken bones! 
My rock and my savior, 
I will build my house upon Him. 
I will swim oceans to get to Him. 
He has kept me safe from the Devil and Despair. 
So hear, people of Earth! 
I have come back to life! 
I have been resurrected! 
Now I am here to take you with me! 
Confess your faith! 
Come follow the Lord! 
My voice cries out for you to follow! 
Come! Follow the Lord! 
He died on the cross to save us from sin! 
He said, we were good and wonderful! 
He said, He will be there for you all your days. 
In your deepest sadness, 
Your brightest days, 
He loves you.

--Ariel M., 3rd-5th Grade