Best Friend for Life

Joyous creatures continue to find:
Wagging tail, Curious ears, Wet tongue, Slimy nose
Infectious grin extends to mine,
their Happy faces make my Happiness meaningful.

Soothes the Mind and Heart-
Worries flee
Forever running, never apart,
A Friend who pulls me through the rubble.

Living for today, this minute, this moment-
Present tense, no future stress
All those days spent
With a Companion through time.

If perchance
they left,
Loneliness fills the empty expanse-
Secrets and Stories left unshared.

Deep Devotion
Through play, love conveyed
Guard, unconditional protection.
Active listener, no hassle to stay,
With me, ‘til the end of the line-
My supportive partner in crime.

--Nikhil B., 6th-8th Grade