Countdown: My Covid House by Olivia P. - 2nd Place, 3rd-6th Grade Category

In honor of our 23rd Annual Poetry Contest starting soon (April 1), we wanted to highlight the winners of our 22nd Annual Poetry Contest.  

Please enjoy this second-place poem from our 3rd-6th Grade category from Olivia.

Garage. The horrorous black hole. Everything ends up in that
mysterious place. Boxes, junk, bikes, luggage. Old family
memories in the rafters. Dumbbells and weights scattered on the
floor. Stay at home order forced to work out. Screws, nuts, and
bolts unorganized and messy on dad’s workbench. Shoes tripping
everyone. Everything is gone when we clean the garage. It all
starts again with one box.

Kitchen. Full of food. Memories of cooking together, as a
family. Memories of food fights together. The grime of the tile
dyed all different colors. Cozy, bright, warm, neat. A room for
all. Wondrous, functional, homey, cheerful. The kitchen is the
heart of the home. Long talks with close friends are what
kitchens are made for. The kitchen is our personal drive

The living room. Comfortable, elegant, warm, perfect. The room
everyone wants to be in. Cheerful, soft, homey,modern. Filled
with laughter, joy, tears, and soulfulness. Just sitting around
the tv together. My living room is a place where I feel at
ease. I would have never noticed these things about my living
room without being stuck there for 10 months.

Fun, grassy, open. Old playhouse is still standing tall. There
is nothing like jumping in the pool, in the backyard, during a
hot summer day. Gardens with flowers blooming in all different
ways. I discovered happiness in my own backyard. The backyard
turned into my personal playground.

Home is where you quarantine. Your home is a place that accepts
you for the person you are only after you sanitize. It is a
place you know will hold you warm and cozy on days you feel lost
and teary eyed. A place that is sacred to you and holds a
shelter for your near and dear ones. It is a place to be
yourself. Quarantine changed my life.

-- Olivia P.