Countdown: I Am Free by Kate G. - 3rd Place, 7th-8th Grade Category

In honor of our 23rd Annual Poetry Contest starting soon (April 1), we wanted to highlight the winners of our 22nd Annual Poetry Contest.

Please enjoy this third-place poem from our 7th-8th Grade category from Kate.

The lights,
The silence,
My racing heart.
Music fills The room
As I take my place
On the open stage.
Who am I?
Where am I?
I’m not me
‘Cause I’m no longer in reality
I’m in a fantasy world,
Somewhere far from real.
Pouring my heart
Into songs and lines,
Not caring who’s watching,
Who’s laughing at me.
I can be someone different
When I’m on that stage.
Someone fierce,
Someone brave,
Someone lively.
Yes, I am me,
But I’m not who I seem
Because when I’m on that stage,
I Am Free.

-- Kate G.