Congratulations to all the winners of the 21st Annual Poetry Contest!

Also, thank you to everyone who submitted poems and to our judges. Be sure to come back to hear members of our FCPL staff read the winning poems.

We hope to see you again next year!

And here are our winners:

3rd – 6th Grade Winners
1st Place: Quarantine by Isla Cohea
2nd Place: My Covid House by Olivia Pepper
3rd Place: My Special Place by Zeph Mahan

7th – 8th Grade Winners
1st Place: Slap Jack While Bleeding in Silence by Evie Gilster
2nd Place: Melody of the Woodlands by Kira Chapman
3rd Place: I Am Free by Kate Guerrero

9th-12th Grade Winners
1st Place: Delicate Folds by Joann Moon
2nd Place: The Grand Gesture by Karinna T.
3rd Place: The Court Jester by Cailyn Smith

Adult Winners
1st Place: Kuv Niam Hais Tias (My Mama Says) by Judy Duran
2nd Place: Bahia Honeymooners by Laila Elneihoum
3rd Place: Car Valet at the Cancer Institute by Julie Becerra

Spanish Winners
1st Place: Quien Dijo by Valeria Rodriguez Pedroza
2nd Place: Despertar by Marta GutiƩrrez
3rd Place: Esto Es Lo Que Soy by Francisco Duarte