Your eyes.

Tell me all the lies,
I see it in your eyes, 
You act so surprised, 
Every time I cry, 
Even when I die, 

I keep getting feeling, 
But you keep leaving, 
Every time your cheating, 
I just keep bleeding, 

Tell me why, 
Tell me that it’s fake, 
You act like a snake, 
You always make me break, 
I am always awake 

I get to the top, 
You make me drop, 
When I am on the job,
I just want to stop, 

Everyone says bye, 
When I get shy, 
But I am really just surprised, 
And I am trying to apply, 
The words in my mind, 

The texts from you are dry, 
I spend my time, 
Seeing if you lied, 
So I know how to reply, 
Your like a spy, 

In the end, 
I always send, 
“I want to be friends”, 
But you always say, 
We are in the gray, 

But it’s not okay, 
So I pray, 
For the delay, 
So you can pay, 
But there is no way, 

You act so surprised, 
Every time I cry, 
It’s because you always lie, 
You see it in my eyes, 
How I’m broken inside.

-- Justine M., 9th-12th Grade