You and I

Conversation flows so easily with you. 
We transition from one topic to another like a scene in a movie 
    effortlessly giving way to the next. 
We could start in the evening and not be done until the wee hours 
    of the morning. 
We can never tell when starlight gives way to sunshine, 
When the owls retire for bed and the morning birds awaken. 
It’s so natural for us, 
This ability to go on about anything and everything. 
It’s never difficult with you. 
I can say the most selfish things without fear of chastisement, 
You can utter the most ridiculous notions without worry of 
We’re like puzzles that the universe can’t solve. 
No matter how we’re arranged, we don’t make sense. 
That is, until we’re together. 

Everything makes sense when I’m with you. 
We understand
No one else does. 
No one gets me like you do. 
And no one gets you like I do. 
Does this mean something? 
Are we two pieces of a whole? 
Sometimes I think we’re meant to be, you and I.
As if the stars aligned or a deity smiled down. 
We connect, we click. 
That bond can’t be worldly, can it? 
That’s not to say we’re exactly alike. 
Oh, we can be polar opposites. 
I aspire to be a United Nations ambassador, 
You want to poison the water at the United Nations headquarters. 
I think war is romantic, 
You think it's grave and costly. 
I like colors and warmth, 
You like darkness and cold. 
But somehow, we still fit. 
We’ve always fit. 

After every argument, every disagreement, we come back as if 
    there was never any distance. 
As if the miles apart were mere centimeters, 
As if the push and pull, kick and bite, were all part of a game that 
    we love to play. 
Any animosity is soon forgotten when we’re together. 
How could we stay mad when we’re so perfect? 

That’s what it is – perfection. 
It could never be anything else with you. 
Every fight is perfection, every exchange of harsh words, 
Every rushing high that comes after a crippling low, 
Every stolen moment, 
Whispered secret, 
It’s all perfection. 
Maybe you’re perfect for me. 
Undeniably, irrevocably perfect. 
But if you are, why do I feel like the only one seeing the spark? 
Are you reading into the longing glances as much as I am? 
Do you think of me as often as my mind wanders to you? 
Certainly not, right?
 If you haven’t said anything. 
Certainly not, right? 
If you continue to mention another in your life. 
But do you and this other person have the same fire we do? 
The same unspoken understanding? 
The same electricity with every accidental touch? 
If so, why do you talk to me? 
Why do you let time escape as you and I get lost in each other’s 
Why frolic in the pastures of us if you have all this with someone 

Or maybe I’m crazy. 
Maybe there is no us
No electricity, no kindle threatening to become a forest fire. 
Maybe the late nights, early mornings, middays, and all the 
    moments scattered in between are just that – moments. 
Maybe they're not snapshots of two people with intertwined souls. 
Maybe they're not evidence of godly interference or the legitimacy 
    of fate. 
Maybe what threatens to mean so much to me is hardly worth a 
    second thought to you. 

But that can’t be true, can it? 
If I feel it, surely you do too? 
Then why haven’t you voiced it? 
Is it because you’re a cynic and can’t fathom being destined to a 
    hopeless romantic? 
Is it simply the nature of us to be together but not truly together? 
Seems cruel, doesn’t it? 
To feel this unparalleled pull to someone and have not the foggiest 
    idea of why they don’t – or even if they don’t – feel the 

But, undeniably, it is the nature of us to question. 
To embrace the unknown and challenge the known. 
So, maybe, it’s only fair to stay true to nature. 
Stay true to the endless floodgates being opened when I send a 
    message your way, 
Stay true to the bottomless rabbit hole we always tumble down
    when you begin one of many tangents, 
Stay true to the comfortable limbo we find ourselves in whenever 
    we’re alone. 
If it’s in the nature of us to not know what us is, 
To not know what we are, 
To not know what we will ever be
Then so be it. 
As long as you are the north pole to my south, who cares if I might 
    be the only one feeling the magnetic force? 
Who cares if I’m the only one who thinks it could mean 
Either way, I'm stuck with you. 
Because, again, true to nature, we can never be pushed apart

-- Kelly N., 9th-12th Grade