Who Am I?

My grandmother bought me barbie dolls and pink stationary 
My great grandmother bought me baby dolls and bottles 
At five years old I said I liked dresses and skirts because I was supposed to 
But something felt weird 

I played with the toys that I was given because that was all that I had 
I played in my room with smiles because that was what made my dad happy 
Sparkles and frills, pink dresses and skirts 
Something still did not feel right 

I started wearing lower thigh length shorts and loose fitting shirts 
Short shorts show too much skin 
Tight shirts get you called names, and they are not me 
I wear chest binders because that makes me feel better, and those feelings go away 

I get told to wear a dress or a skirt 
To match my clothes because I have no color coordination 
My mom and dad get mad because 
This is not who I am supposed to be 
Who am I supposed to be? 

Now I wear makeup, I paint my nails- 
No. I don't. Because that is not who I am 
It never was, I am not just a girl 
I am me

--Bryonna  R., Adult