The storm

You were a storm I didn’t see coming. You always deskise yourself as calm waves of happiness, little did I know what I was getting myself into. I never saw the storm ahead because I was too busy having fun at shore. The more you urged me to come closer... I did. When I got caught in the storm, I lacked control due to the love I had for you. Your actions I so called love had blinded me from all the bad things you did. Everyone nows to stay away from a storm, so why did I not listen? Why did I not stay away? That I don’t know but consequences always come with getting caught in a storm. I was drowning in your love that was never there, when you sucked the rest out of me. That is why you never turn your back on the ocean, because you never know when there is a storm.

-- Avery T., 9th-12th Grade