The Reader’s Plead

I know I have many responsibilities and many depending on me,
But I just want to scream 
From the pressure on my shoulders. 
I’m standing at the edge of my sanity. 

Simplicity is all I need. 
Give me my coffee and book, 
Some contentment and peace. 
Give me an hour or two to bury my nose into the pages of worlds unknown. 
I’m begging you, please. 

My spirit is heavy and I need a break, 
To forget who I am, 
And to forget what’s expected of me. 
Allow me to get lost in the blacks and whites of printed paper. 
Allow me to fall in love with perfect strangers. 

And when I come back, 
I promise I will, 
You can heavy my burdens, 
And I will love you still. 
I will smile, laugh and perhaps be a little happy, 
For my little library keeps me from falling ill.

--Brandy M., Adult